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At Global Lab, we combine state-of-the-art equipment, expert technicians, and adherence to industry standards to deliver accurate and reliable field testing services. Trust us for thorough assessments, informed decision-making, and the successful execution of your soil-related projects.

Plate Load Test

Global Lab is equipped to carry out Plate Load Tests with utmost precision and accuracy. This test is crucial in determining the bearing capacity and settlement of soil, especially in areas where construction is planned. Our state-of-the-art facility, along with our team of experienced professionals, ensures that the Plate Load Test is conducted as per the standards set by NABL. With our commitment to quality and integrity, we aim to deliver reliable and trustworthy results to our clients, enabling them to make informed decisions about their construction projects.

Plate Load Testing

  1. Interpretation of Results
    The data obtained from the Plate Load Test is analyzed to determine the ultimate bearing capacity, settlement characteristics, and deformation modulus of the soil.
  2. Load-settlement curves are plotted to visualize the relationship between the applied load and resulting settlement.
  3. The test results help in assessing the soil's load-bearing capacity, understanding its behavior under load, and estimating settlements for design purposes.

Field Density Test

The Field Density Test provides valuable information about in-place density and compaction characteristics.
Global Lab offers professional Field Density Testing services, delivering accurate and reliable results for quality assurance in construction projects.
Trust Global Lab for precise assessment of soil compaction, ensuring the stability and performance of your structures.

Field Density Test

  1. The Field Density Test is a quick and cost-effective method to evaluate the compaction quality and in-place density of soil or compacted materials.
  2. It helps in ensuring that the required compaction specifications are met, which is crucial for the stability and performance of structures.

Field CBR Test

Global Lab is equipped to carry out Field CBR Tests as per IS 2720 Part 32 with utmost precision and accuracy. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) field test measures the relative strength of in–situ soils and some base course materials for use in pavement design. Our state-of-the-art facility, along with our team of experienced professionals, ensures that the Plate Load Test is conducted as per the standard.

Field CBR Test

Measurements of applied load and plunger penetration are made at regular intervals and plotted onto a curve. The CBR bearing value is expressed as a percentage ratio against a standard soil and obtained by dividing the plunger loads at penetrations of 2.5 and 5.0 mm by the loads given at the same penetrations in the standard crushed stone

K value Test

K-Value Testing, also known as the Modulus of Sub-grade Test. Our experienced team utilizes advanced equipment to assess the stiffness and strength of sub-grade soils. By analyzing the data obtained from dynamic load applications and deflection measurements, we provide crucial insights for pavement design and analysis. Leverage our expertise to optimize pavement performance, identify weak sub-grade areas, and make informed decisions for cost-effective infrastructure development. Rely on Global Lab for precise K-Value Testing, ensuring the stability and longevity of your pavement structures.

K Value Test

  1. Benefits of K-Value Test (Modulus of Sub-grade Test):
  2. Design Optimization: The K-Value Test helps optimize pavement designs by providing valuable information about the stiffness and strength of sub-grade soils. This allows for more accurate pavement thickness design and selection of appropriate materials.
  3. Performance Assessment: By evaluating the modulus of sub-grade, the test enables the assessment of the sub-grade's ability to support the pavement structure and distribute loads. This helps in predicting pavement performance and identifying potential issues.
  4. Cost-effective Solutions: With the K-Value Test, engineers can make informed decisions regarding pavement construction and maintenance, leading to cost-effective solutions. 

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